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About Us

Pacific Taxi Services is the home of No-Guess-GPS Pricing!

Know the fare before the ride.  No mystery.  We use Google Maps.  Address to address pricing. 

We accept cash and all cards debit or credit with a mobile terminal.  We can text or email you a receipt immediately.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.  Travel with confidence.

Our drivers are FBI and OSP fingerprinted and background checked.

Taxi Service Rates and pick-up fees in Tillamook County

Our rate is $3.00 per mile + pick-up fee + .50 per adult passenger

Tillamook and Bay City
3.00 Pickup Charge, .25 1/10 of mile


9.00 Pickup Charge

Hebo, Netarts, Oceaside, Cape Meares, and Rockaway
12.00 Pickup Charge

Cloverdale and Wheeler
16.00 Pickup Charge

Nehalem and Pacific City
18.00 Pickup Charge

Manzanita and Neskowin
22.00 Pickup Charge

*standard mileage rate is 3.00 a mile.  .50 per mile additional passenger charge will apply.  time waiting is calculated at $12.00 per 15 minutes of wait time on arrival at destination, maximum fee per hour of wait time $48.00. The hourly rate also is applied to fares with a greater total distance of 30 miles.

PDX Airport, Portland International Airport to North West Oregon Coast base fare is $ 250.00, round trip base $500.00, additional fees may apply. (Pick up fee will be applied depending on pickup location's distance from the city of Tillamook).

Errand, Delivery, Personal Shopper Services, Shuttle for Fishermen and Bicyclists

Errands are things like dropping off library books, picking up items from merchants, paying bills or going to the post office.

Delivery is you call us to go pick up an item you have already paid for and just want brought to you at your location.

Personal Shopping is where you provide a prioritized list of foodstuffs, refreshments, and most any other type items with a budgeted amount of money. We pick up the list and the estimated cost funds and then we go shopping for you. We return with your purchases, receipts, and will carry everything to your door.

Our shuttle service is for fishermen and bicyclists who need a pickup and return either to their vehicles or to resources they need to continue their journey.

We provide these services for a fee and mileage compensation.

Delivery service miles are calculated at $2.50 per mile.  If over 2 hours drive time $25.00 per applicable hour can factored into total ticket price.

These services free up your time. Time is life and your time is valuable. You should get to spend it the way you want.

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Hours of Operation: 

24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.